ManyCam Version 4.1.2 Free

Turn your simple webcam into a sophisticated monster overflowing with visual effects

ManyCam is a software program that's fun having around. Don't look for too many logical reasons, just install it and find out for yourselves. However, since we're a software programs review website, and since you've just happened to get here by chance, let's try to elaborate a little bit.
So what does ManyCam has that will make your friends on the other end of your webcam smile?
ManyCam enables users to add nice (though not entirely professional) effects to your webcam while you're video chatting in software programs such as Skype. You'll be able, for example, to change your background as if you weren’t in your living room but rather on a sun soaked Caribbean beach, or to throw an amusing wig on your head.
The effects gallery is nice enough, and includes numerous wigs, various mustaches, sunglasses that will largely look realistic, as well as other effects like cute pets suddenly popping up.
In addition, you can add text to the screen, or change how the other side sees you to black and white.
It won't actually fool your conversation partners to believe that you're actually walking on a beach or that you've suddenly grew a mustache, but it will be sure to make those who're chatting with you put on a smile.
If you try to get rid of ManyCam's logo which appears on the screen, you'll find that the free version will not allow it. However, the free version will provide you with enough hilarious effects and features that you don't need to hurry and pay for the full version.
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